What is the Melbourne demolition process?

What is the Melbourne demolition process?

The vibrant and ever-evolving City of Melbourne is no stranger to the art of demolition. From towering skyscrapers to humble structures, demolishing buildings occasionally makes way for new beginnings.

Demolishing houses in Melbourne is a remarkable blend of strategy, safety, and sustainability. It combines vicious force, careful planning, and a touch of artistry.

The demolition crews use various tools and techniques to complete a demolition, the most frequently used is mechanical excavation. It’s not about destruction when it comes to demolition, it is about a carefully orchestrated process that ensures safety and minimises environmental impact.

What is the demolition process?

1. Initial Assessment and Planning

Professional contractors are careful when inspecting the structure. They consider its size, construction materials, and potential hazards. They also consider the surrounding environment, such as neighbouring buildings or power lines. This assessment helps them create a detailed plan. It outlines the safest and most efficient approach to demolishing the house.

2. Obtaining Permits

Professional contractors must get the necessary demolition building permits. These ensure compliance with safety regulations and follow local laws. Roach Demolition secures these permits before bringing in heavy machinery.

It is important to note that acquiring a permit for a standard demolition typically requires a minimum of 20 working days. However, considering current variables, we advise allowing 6 – 8 weeks.

3. Considering Safety, Client’s Budget and Individual Needs

We prioritise the well-being and protection of everyone involved in the demolition process. And our teams approach each project with three key focuses:

  • Safety:  To guarantee the highest standards of professionalism, safety and compliance. All our house demolition works strictly adhere to Australian Standards, OHS Codes and Regulations, and Codes of Practice. These guidelines and regulations govern various aspects of the demolition process, including safety protocols, waste management and environmental considerations.
  • Client’s Budget:  We strive to provide cost-effective demolition solutions without compromising on the quality and safety of our work. By carefully managing resources and optimising our processes, we aim to deliver excellent results while respecting our clients’ financial limitations. It is important to note that the team at Roach Demolition are all employees, and we own all our equipment – the demolition process is all carried out in-house.
  • Individual Needs:  We recognise that every client has unique needs and preferences regarding their demolition project. We take the time to understand these specific requirements, tailoring our approach to meet their expectations. Whether it’s a specific timeline, preservation of certain elements, or other considerations, we work closely with our clients to ensure their needs are addressed.

4. Considering Safety, Client’s Budget and Individual Needs

This is where the excitement peaks as the demolition plan springs into action. Professional demolition teams use varying techniques and heavy machinery to dismantle a structure.

Contractors use machinery like excavators for mechanical demolition. These equipment tear down walls, rip apart roofs, and reduce the structure to rubble. Extra safety procedures are also implemented for structures with harmful materials. All asbestos is removed by registered, licensed professionals. In the case of old houses infested with bugs and pests, it is done in-house or when required by licensed professionals.

5. Clearing the Area

In this phase, the demolition crew clears any remaining debris and prepares the area for new construction. This includes levelling the ground and removing large objects. It also involves disposing of hazardous materials according to regulations and strict guidelines.


The process of house demolition encompasses a combination of careful planning, skilled execution, and consideration of various factors.

By striking a balance between efficiency, safety, and environmental consciousness, the house demolition process can pave the way for new beginnings. This helps enable the transformation of spaces and the realisation of new construction projects.

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