Brick Sales

At Roach Demolition, we take pride in offering a unique and sustainable building solution by specialising in the sale of used bricks.

Our inventory consists of high-quality, reclaimed bricks that have been carefully sourced and inspected to ensure durability and reliability. By choosing used bricks, our customers not only contribute to the reduction of environmental impact but also embrace the character and charm embedded in each reclaimed piece. Whether you are engaged in a restoration project, a creative DIY endeavour, or constructing a new structure, our selection of used bricks provides an eco-friendly alternative that combines affordability with a distinctive aesthetic appeal.

Join us in promoting sustainability and incorporating the timeless beauty of recycled materials into your construction projects with our diverse range of meticulously selected used bricks.

Recycled Bricks available:

Old Reds:
Grade Pavers
Grade Face Brick
Red Blues
Blue Creams
Pale Creams
Red Trevelyens
Amber Trevelyens
Couch House Greys
Spotted Browns
Spotted Greys
Daniel Robertson Wire Cuts
Brown Reconstituted Concrete
Brown Rock Face – ideal garden feature for retaining walls etc
Handmade – All colours including Black Hawthorns
Solid bricks for painting, bogging or rendering

And many more…

For all brick sales please call Darren on 0417 510 009 or email

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