How long does it take to demolish a house in Melbourne?

How many days does it take to demolish a house?

The physical act of knocking down your existing house takes 3-5 days, dependant on the weather. However, it is crucial to allow six to eight weeks for the comprehensive process, from the permit processing to clearing the entire area.

After concluding the demolition phase, your site undergoes a significant transformation. It becomes primed and prepared for construction. With the obstacles of the past removed, the canvas is set. It is ready to accommodate the construction of a new dwelling.

Demolishing a house is a complex process involving careful planning, adherence to regulations, and specialised equipment. When considering demolishing a house in Melbourne, it’s important to understand the factors affecting its duration.

Factors Affecting Demolition Timeline

1. Size and Structure of the House

  • Small-sized Property – The demolition can take two to three days, dependant on the weather for smaller residential houses. This often refers to properties with floor areas of around 45 to 110 square metres.
  • Large-sized Property – Larger or more complex structures may require a longer timeline. These projects can span three to five days, dependant on the weather. In terms of floor size, these houses often exceed 230 square metres.
  • Structural Composition – Houses made of sturdy materials, such as brick or concrete, may require additional time compared to houses constructed with lighter materials.

2. Site Preparation

  • Permit Requirements – The process needs time for careful planning. And extra days to get necessary permits. In most cases, acquiring permits for house demolition will take a minimum of 20 business days, but your Roach Demolition team will handle this for you.
  • Abolishment of Utility Services – This is the property owner’s responsibility. The speed of processing the disconnection and removal of gas and electricity is crucial to the demolition timeline and is said to take 20 business days.

3. Environmental Factors

Let’s say the house has asbestos materials. Despite its size, safety considerations and environmental concerns for removing asbestos should also be considered to determine the duration of the demolition.

Asbestos removal is a meticulous process that must be conducted by licensed professionals in accordance with strict regulations. This also includes the proper disposal of these substances.

4. Mechanical Demolition

This type of demolition is characterised by the use of heavy machinery and equipment. These machines can swiftly and effectively break down large sections of buildings or structures, reducing the time required for demolition.

Additionally, the precision and control offered by mechanical demolition help minimise the risk of damage to adjacent structures, further streamlining the process. However, the accessibility of the demolition site can pose challenges to the use of large and heavy equipment, which in turn can affect the duration of the process.

If the site has limited entry points, narrow passages or obstacles such as trees or neighbouring structures, it may hinder the smooth operation and movement of the machinery. In such cases, additional time and effort may be required to clear the path or create suitable access points.

Furthermore, if the demolition site is located in a congested urban area with limited space, maneuvering the equipment safely and efficiently becomes more challenging, potentially leading to delays.

5. Land Clearing

Once the house or structure is demolished, there is often a need to clear the debris, remove any remaining foundations, and prepare the site for future use. The extent of land clearing required depends on the size of the structure and the intended land use after demolition.

If the site needs to be levelled or the ground needs to be prepared for construction, it can add extra time to demolition. Factors such as underground utilities, environmental considerations, and the availability of heavy machinery for land clearing can also influence the timeline.


While the duration may vary, the focus remains on efficiency, precision and minimising potential risks or disruptions to the surrounding area. With fast and reliable service, you can rest assured that the job is done right the first time.

Consult Roach Demolition today for free expert advice and the best course of action for an affordable demolition in Melbourne!

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