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Requirements & procedures

Roach Demolition recommends allowing sufficient time to plan for your demolition works. There are many steps involved before any demolition work can commence. The information contained in this document outlines the requirements and procedures necessary for the demolition of any building/dwelling.

Demolition permit

A demolition permit referred to as a ‘building permit’ must be obtained from your local council prior to any demolition work commencing. Roach Demolition will arrange this with your local council on your behalf, following submission from you, the relevant paperwork required. Note: Please be aware that obtaining a ‘building permit’ for your demolition, can take up to 15 working days once all the relevant documents have been submitted to council.

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Council required documents

Below are the standard council documents required for obtaining a ‘building permit.’ Unfortunately, not all properties or councils are the same. There can be many variances regarding the type of forms required by council, to approve permit. The following three forms are mandatory irrespective of the council or property:

1. Copy of the title for the property. Please be advised that the title needs to be in the same name as the applicant applying for permit.
2. Plan of subdivision (also known as title plan)
3. Site plan of the existing building. You can obtain the site plan from Google maps (satellite view)

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In varied instances you may be required to obtain:

  • A planning permit required, if it is within a special overlay such as Heritage or Vegetation Protection
  • If the demolition works are close to the street frontage, you may require a hoarding consent from council for protection to the public
  • If the demolition works are adjacent to an adjoining building on the neighbouring allotment, you may require protection works notices be served to the adjoining owner (form 3 & 4).These are notices that inform the neighbour, the works to be undertaken adjacent to their building, and they are asked whether they agree or disagree with the works. It is advised these be served via registered post as the adjoining owner must reply within 14 days of receipt. If they do not reply within this time frame, they’re deemed to have automatically agreed to the works..
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Building surveyor for Melbourne House Demolition

Our building surveyor will facilitate the process of obtaining your permit to demolish which is referred to as a ‘building permit.’

Abolishment of services to the property
Prior to the demolition, as the owner, you are required to arrange the abolishment of services to the property prior to works commencing.

When applying for the abolishment of service, the applicant is requesting the complete removal of the service distribution, companies metering and servicing assets associated with the property.

Electricity -request through your electricity provider the abolishment of the electricity meter at the property.
Note: It is important that the service is abolished, not just disconnected.

Gas – request through your gas provider the abolishment of the gas meter at the property.

Note: It is important that the service is abolished, not just disconnected.

Demolition works will not commence until both services have been abolished.

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Best Melbourne demolition checklist

What permits do you need to pass a demolition in Melbournex

Tree removal & permits

These permits may need to be obtained from local Council, depending on the size and type of the tree, and if it is located in a vegetation protection overlay.

Asset protection permits

You should contact the council in relation to asset protection permits, and if required, please obtain and forward to our office in Ringwood. This permit will cover not only demolition works but also the building of your new property. Should you require an asset protection permit, demolition cannot commence until the permit has been issued.

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Temporary fencing Requirements for Demolitions in Melbourne

To comply with council law and to ensure public safety, it is the client’s responsibility to supply and erect temporary fencing to secure not only your site but the neighbouring site. By council law, this fence is required to be erected prior to works and remain in place until building works have been completed. Please arrange their erection in conjunction with Roach Demolition and Excavations.

Asbestos removal Checklist:

Asbestos products found around the home may be found in the following materials:

  • Exterior fibre cement cladding (Fibro) and weatherboards (pre-1984)
  • Roof tiles
  • Artificial brick cladding
  • Flexible building boards – eave linings, bathroom linings, cement tile underlay
  • All corrugated cement roofing
  • Flue pipes
  • Architectural cement pipe columns
  • Texture paint
  • Vinyl floor tiles or coverings
  • Asbestos cement water pipes
  • Millboard linings of switchboards
  • Sprayed Insulation – Acoustic walls, beams and ceilings
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If your demolition requires asbestos removal, we will safely remove the asbestos and obtain a certificate to ensure the removal has been carried out to the requirements governed by the EPA and WorkSafe Victoria. Please be advised that any asbestos removal requires up to 5 days’ notice to the council prior to removal.

Dial Before You Dig
Dial Before You Dig refers enquiries, from those who propose to excavate, to underground asset owners who are members of the Dial Before You Dig service. The asset owners respond by providing advice as to the location of any underground pipes & cables, along with information on how to work safely and carefully whilst excavating in the vicinity of underground plant.

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How much does it cost to Demolish a house in Melbourne?

How long is a piece of paper? First, our team with consider important House demolishing factors like:
  • Size of the home
  • Is the property being demolished commercial or residential?
  • Accessibility (what equipment will be required)
  • Hazardous Materials including Asbestos Removal or Tree Removals
  • and more…

This means the price will range heavily depending on what work is required for the job to be complete.

How much does a demolition in Melbourne cost?

Home Demolition in Melbourne generally ranges between $10,000 AUD and $50,000 AUD.

Please consider getting in touch if you’d like any more information!

This information is, in the vast majority of instances, provided free of charge and is supplied within 2 working days. You can lodge an enquiry by calling 1100. This is a free call if made from a land line. You can also lodge your enquiries online by going to  Login to Request Plans. You will initially receive a confirmation sheet from Dial Before You Dig, which provides details of the asset owners affected and enables you to ensure the recorded dig site is correct.

If you have any questions, the call centre operates Monday to Friday (except public holidays) and is staffed by a team of experienced consultants who can talk you through lodging your enquiry.

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